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Effective solutions for logistics requirements

The best material

Frequently designated as the highest priority is the reduction of wage costs as one advantage from a whole series of advantages regarding the use of fully or partially-automated transport systems for spinning mills. Through the use of these high-performance systems, complaints due to transport-related material confusions can be effectively avoided through the use of these high-performance systems. The low stresses placed on the material increase the quality, and the throughput flexibility is substantially increased.


The systems can be integrated into a relatively small space and integrated seamlessly into the overall concept of any spinning mill. We know the requirements of the business and are happy to address individual challenges.


With the collective experience and competence of our internationally-active company, which has grown over the decades, we help our customers to find the appropriate transport solutions for a safe, clean and efficient operating process which is gentle on people and materials. Our fitters and programmers put the systems into operation on site.

Fully automatic
Automatic Guided Vehicles

With a motivated team of highly qualified designers and developers, Neuenhauser now offers solutions for the next challenges in automation technology: The automated handling of spinning cans with which cotton material is transported within the yarn manufacturing process.

Fast tracks
Textra rover bobbin transport systems

The TEXTRA transport system is used successfully for the transport of rover bobbins, and mainly comprises closed tracks, bends and points in which the transport train rollers run. The drive is generated via friction wheels directly on the bobbin trains.

Full cans
CanTrac can transport systems

Ideal for medium-sized and smaller systems, the CanTrac can transport system functions as a ground-mounted track system on which spinning cans can be slid along using push-pull technology. It can be used as a fully or partially-automated system.

An exact fit
Cross-wound bobbin transport systems

Depending on the requirements, the cross-wound bobbins are either added to a palletiser or a box packing system. The AutoFlow transport system is able to manage more than 2,000 cross-wound bobbins per hour with over 30 different items.

Lots of room
Storage systems

The Neuenhauser storage systems, which can be adapted flexibly to the respective space conditions, facilitate the automatic interim storage of bobbins. The systems are characterised through their high efficiency, and permit classification of the bobbins and the integration of yarn inspection and...

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Richard Borgers

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