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Packaging good products better

The manual packaging of products represents a time and personnel-intensive task, above all in case of high quantities. The automated alternative has proven an economically-advantageous solution which convinces through maximum efficiency.


The Neuenhauser packaging machines package cylindrical or conical cross-wound bobbins with a throughput of 600 bobbins per hour, and guarantee consistent quality. Negative effects due to packaging errors as well as insufficiently closed boxes are thus avoided. The condition of the bobbins consistently remains perfect.


As experienced and future-orientated partners in automation, we also offer our customers individually-tailored solutions in the optimisation of packaging tasks, which have proven their worth as reliable and high-performance applications. Our packaging machines are deployed successfully worldwide.

Tightly tied up
Box packaging

In a high-precision and continuous process, sturdy boxes are made from flat-folded templates. The filled box is them automatically closed and also fastened with strapping.

Sack packaging

The film packaging machine packs the bobbins individually into polyethylene film. This thermoplastic material protects the bobbins against external influences such as dirt or moisture.

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Richard Borgers

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