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// Scrim systems / Turbotex

Technical textile solutions

Scrim systems / Turbotex

Textile mesh structures can be produced with the ONTEC scrim machine. The scrim laying machine provides our customers with the possibility of a fully linked production to the final product ready for sale while the whole process is designed to be technically advanced and highly cost efficient.

Advantages of the ONTEC Turbotex

  • High production speed
  • High operating safety
  • Low down times
  • Low space requirement
  • Low energy consumption
  • Combines all production steps from the yarn up to coated scrim fabric including lamination possibility with non-woven fleece or film 

Field of application of scrim

  • Plastic sheets:
    Tarpaulins, pond sheets, packing materials
  • Construction products:
    Roof sheeting, thermal insulation, fire and noise protection, floor coverings,building boards of gypsum boards and concrete, adhesive tapes, geotextiles
  • Sport:
    Canvas, swimming pool sheets
  • Fleece, glass fibre reinforced plastic products (GRP) and much more
  • Reinforcement for medical products
  • Reinforcement for packing materials and cardboard boxes

Advantages of scrim

  • Thinner end product
    Scrims can reach half of the thickness compared to woven or knitted fabrics produced with the same yarn
  • Lower stretch values
    Based on straight yarn structures, the scrims show lower stretch values than woven fabrics, which result in a better reinforcing effect of the end product.
  • Smoother surface
    The grid structure is less noticeable in scrims. This results in a smoother and more even surface of the end product. Each layer can be interconnected easily and permanently which reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Savings in material and cost
    The use of scrim reinforced material allows higher machine speeds during production and leads to significant savings in material and costs, because e.g. no additional binding thread system is necessary.

Raw materials are various glass and synthetic fiber yarns, which can  be combined as final product. At the same time a lamination with nonwovens or foils is possible.

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Technical textile solutions
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