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Convincing solutions for demanding tasks

Ideas & concepts

The wide range of specific requirements in the textile industry required supplementary ideas and concepts in order to expediently supplement the automation processes in transport, palletisation and packaging.


In the attempt to provide our customers with optimum solutions, we offer a spectrum of interesting special applications which contribute towards the economic, temporal and qualitative optimisations of processes.


We support our customers on an international basis in the automated handling of natural and chemical fibre yarn bobbins, develop concepts and find solutions. Our openness to innovative ideas has allowed us to remain the leading manufacturers in the field, and we focus on consistent further development.

With quality
Automatic Quality Package Control System (QCS)

The Automatic Quality Package Control System, or QCS for short, inspects the tube patterns and permits the observation of yarns under UV light. The aim is the simplification and optimisation of quality management.

BCF Handling
Doffing and handling systems for BCF yarns

The doffing and handling systems fit perfectly into the production environment of BCF yarn spinning mills and guarantee operational safety whilst taking the operating personnel into consideration. Different doffing systems are provided for the individual winder types.

Retaining an overview
Data management and tracking

In order to retain an overview over all stations and factors within the production chain in dynamic processes, individually-aligned software solutions can assist which link efficiency with high economic viability.

Labels and markings

The automated labelling replaces time-consuming manual procedures and facilitates the constant and tamper-proof marking of goods. This is an economically viable solution to the important task of labelling in the textile industry.

Richard Borgers

Richard Borgers

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Martin Schoolkate

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Uwe Lenkeit

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