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Utilising automated processes successfully

Keeping processes firmly under control

The objective of our palletising systems is the material-saving, cost-saving and temporally-efficient equipping of pallets with bobbins. So that this works successfully for every customer, we provide a comprehensive range of different palletisers which cater for specific requirements.


Our operation-friendly palletisers offer substantial advantages in the maintenance of product quality. The yarn is treated particularly gently due to the accurate handling. The high process performance is consistently upheld and offers planning security. Through the short amortisation period, the Neuenhauser palletising systems are an investment well worth making in a dynamic working environment.


As for all our projects, we also accompany the production and installation of the palletisers continuously for our customers in order to find the optimum solution for all tasks. For many years now, we have been a reliable partner for internationally-renowned companies from the natural and chemical fibre branch.

Clear orders
Individual palletisers

These palletising systems with an average throughput of approximately 200 bobbins per hour guarantee handling which is gentle on the yarn, and have been developed for direct mounting onto OE spinning machines or bobbin or twisting machines.

Many options
Multiple palletisers

The multiple palletiser can load goods from at least two production lines. Combined with easy operation and low maintenance requirements, it is highly efficient and facilitates the quick, reliable palletisation of the bobbins.

Universally good
Central palletisation

In accordance with the respective requirements, the central palletisers are able to handle different pallet formats and deposit patterns for cylindrical and conical bobbins. The cross-wound bobbins are deposited in pre-arranged patterns.

Highly flexible
Group palletisers

Our efficient group palletisers can automatically palletise the bobbins in a group of bobbin machines, and thus permit high flexibility in the production and palletising of many different yarn qualities.

On request
Pallet handling and transport

We can fulfil specific customer requirements with our individual concepts for pallet handling. The systems feature roller tracks, chain conveyors, rotary tables and distribution trolleys.

In contrast

As a counterpart to automated palletisation, the depalletisation facilitates the fast and economically-viable unloading of the bobbins from pallets whilst preserving the material quality.

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Richard Borgers

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