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The Cot Grinding Specialist

Neuenhauser Rosink

For almost 7 decades Rosink engineers and manufactures premium parts, components, machine assemblies and machines for the textile industry. By doing so, we proudly serve our valuable customers and we rely on 70 years of experience. Since 2015 Rosink belongs to the Neuenhauser Group. Being a new member of this German enterprise, with strong textile machinery divisions, enables further growth and networking possibilities.

German engineered service machines


At its modern production site in the North-West of Germany Neuenhauser Rosink manufactures high quality service machines, both for spinning (rubber cot workshop equipment) and carding (card room workshop equipment). With a wide variety of first class, reliable and highly accurate cot grinding machines, cot mounting equipment, measuring devices, Neuenhauser Rosink is an absolute specialist in this line of work.

Precisely tuned
Can Coilers

We offer a wide variety of conventional and specialized can coilers. These Rosink machines serve the textile industry in carding and spinning, but also are used in many other special applications not directly related to conventional spinning.

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Permanent use
Service machines

All Rosink machines are equipped with premium components. Convenient operation through touch screen display with integrated famous Rosink grinding and polishing functions.

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For support
Hygiene machines

In niche markets, like personal care and (feminine) hygiene industry, Rosink offers bleached cotton sliver production machines and flat ribbon production machines. The ribbon is created inside the card by specially designed Rosink material forming units.

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Martin Schoolkate

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Stefan Ruck

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