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Higher quality and efficiency though automation processes

Innovations in the textile industry

In the second half of the twentieth century, when the increasing automation of many industries brought with it a substantial increase in productivity and improvements in the working conditions, the textile industry proved no exception. Our company, founded in 1955 as a construction and production company, was able to help shape the automation of the textile industry, and continues to do so today.


In 1983, we developed the world’s first fully-automated handling system “AutoFlow” for the removal of bobbins. Over the following years, we succeeded in establishing further automatic handling systems. Today, we are world leaders in the automated handling of natural and chemical fibre yarn bobbins. Due to complete automation processes which extend from production right up to logistics, we support our customers in increasing the quality of their products, in creating a clean and efficient production environment and in designing processes to be more reliable and economical.


The development of the systems and concepts takes place in close collaboration with the customers in order to guarantee optimum solutions for the various specific requirements. Outside the textile branch, we deploy these experiences and our specialist know-how in sectors such as the glass fibre, automotive, plastics and food industries.


We view the trust and value placed in us by our customers as an obligation to continue engaging our know-how and innovative ideas.

Transport systems

Increasing the quality

Transport systems

Fully or partially-automated transport systems avoid material confusions and lead to lower stresses. The systems can be integrated seamlessly into the overall concept of any spinning mill.


For a reliable process


The objective of our palletising systems is the material-saving, cost-saving and temporally-efficient equipping of pallets with bobbins. The high process performance is consistently upheld.

Packaging machines

On the right path

Packaging machines

The Neuenhauser packaging machines pack cylindrical or conical cross-wound bobbins with a throughput of approximately 600 bobbins per hour, and at the same time guarantee consistent quality.

Special applications

With appropriate ideas

Special applications

In the attempt to offer our customers the best-possible solutions, we provide special applications which contribute towards the economic, temporal and qualitative optimisation of processes.