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The Value of Automation

What is the value of automation?

Here at company Neuenhauser, we value automation in different ways for different industries. In the textile industry, we are the absolute No.1 in Transport Automation (TA).

E.g. in spinning mills, we automate the transport of goods and materials from point A to point B. Either we move spinning cans fully automatically, or we carefully handle the valuable yarn without people touching it (safeguarding quality and preventing unexpected costs).

(either from flyer/ roving to ring spinning with BTS TEXTRA) or (from winding to packing in AutoFlow [pallets/ sacks/ or cardboard boxes]). In YouTube you can find nice movies of our German made, premium, state-of-the-art automation solutions in our own channel:



Our slogan is; “Neuenhauser, reducing workers - defining experts.” We believe that it is of general interest to use the versatile human workforce for jobs where brain force is required. Repetitive work, simple or difficult. Heavy work, tiring for humans. These jobs can easily be taken over by machines and intelligent robotic systems. Neuenhauser has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for TA-systems for many yarn manufacturers worldwide, like e.g. in: USA, India, Pakistan, Türkiye, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc.

Neuenhauser-Rosink also offers an intelligent automation solution for spinning mills, for their inevitable maintenance work to keep the production machines running.


Cot grinding or cot buffing must be done repeatedly. In the spinning mill, the maintenance workshop always is equipped with cot grinding machine(s). We can proudly say that often customers selected the No.1 cot grinding specialist i.e. Rosink. With 1st class references all over the world, we are successfully serving the textile industry since 1947.


In 2015, Rosink introduced the next generation cot grinders to the world at the ITMA in Milan. This generation is called SZ2. This is the successor of the SZ1 cot grinding machines, manufactured by Rosink, but also by famous company Peter Wolters /Wolters-Platt/ ECC in the past.


Our newest automation solution for cot grinding is called EASY. We offer a clever, absolutely simple, and very fast, compact addition to the basic cot grinding machine. The module EASY makes fully automatic grinding with highest productivity possible with the Rosink machine SZ2A EASY.


If you want to give the right boost to your yarn production, we kindly invite you to consider an investment in a brand new Rosink machine, or a possible upgrade to your existing semi-automatic cot grinding machine SZ2HA.

Curious to see our SZ2A EASY at work, then please watch the Rosink product movie in our YouTube channel: NEUENHAUSER TEXTILE & AUTOMATION




Neuenhauser Rosink cot grinding machine

We hope that you will also value our automation solutions soon! Thank you!